Sunday, April 3, 2011

Stuff white people complain about #3487

This is where I should write about some epic ride I did this weekend.

That did not happen. I worked all weekend, took the dogs to the park, and went to get coffee with my awesome girlfriend. This is what I am going to write about, so tough. Too bad.

Dunkin Donuts usually makes me happy.

Today they made me sad.

I order 2 iced coffees that both tasted like brown water with a pile of granulated sugar on the bottom. I hardly ever send back food or complain about an incorrect order but this just seemed too easy to mess up so I brought them back in and told dude man something seemed wrong. All of the employees laughed at me and then explained their multi tier iced coffee making process:

1. Make a big batch of coffee in the morning and mix it with ice so it is cold and watered down.
2. Leave it there all day until someone comes in for an iced coffee.
3. Put sugar in the bottom of the cup followed by cream.
4. Dump ice and then watered down stale coffee in the cup.
5. Serve.

This is awful and it tastes like shit. I know there is a better way because they tell you how on the packaged bags of coffee they sell right there IN the store. The right way:

1. Make a FRESH pot of double strength coffee.
2. Pour a cup half full of the coffee then dissolve cream and sugar in it.
3. Fill the rest up with ice so it is cold.
4. Serve.

I really cannot understand having such a simple process and doing it so wrong.

Oh yeah, I can. They explained it to me.

Then laughed some more.

Oh yeah, if you do not have one of the new straps (Awesome Strap Race) from Backcountry Research you suck almost as much as Dunkin Donuts. Go get one now.