Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learning the Turkish Get Up and other fun stuff.

Yeah, wtf. I know.

Weird title.

Weird content also. How about that?

I have been riding again every day and am feeling better. Doc said I might have a torn medial meniscus but didn't feel it warranted surgery at this point so as he said..."Go ride." We will see I guess.

I have been following orders and have also been paying close attention to ways my body functions other than riding a bike all day.

I bought a 16 kilogram kettlebell a couple weeks ago and it has been a great workout. If you want one in the Birmingham area go holler at Grant at Wright Exercise Equipment. Relates to riding quite well I think. Swings are great for posterior chain strength which is lacking in many cyclists. Basically think of an explosive movement that counteracts riding and desk posture.

This is Tim Ferris with a great instructional on the swing.

He says do 'em 75 reps 3 days weekly. I've been doing 100 or so daily. Get tired from them and it gives the same "after ride" tiredness that feels so great.

Another goodie is the Turkish Get Up. These are a real bitch to learn and have a big penalty if you fuck it up with the weight overhead so yeah, practice carefully. Maybe with a shoe to start?

Gray Cook has one of the best instructionals I have seen.

Fun, right? Best way I have found to discover how far reaching my weaknesses and assymetries actually are.

One last bit of fun. The frog stretch could be referred to, as yoga people say, a hip opener. Much like Jerry Rice could be referred to as a decent football player or Mitt Romney as well off.

Point is, these will destroy you. Have fun.

Late edit: While I was at it I should have added this. It is a daily joint mobility routine by Steve Maxwell. I'm not sure about some of the spinal flexion movements early in the AM (look up the research by Stuart McGill on this issue) but I like the general feel of it.

Steve Maxwell's Daily Dozen