Thursday, February 27, 2014

Ready to shred. Iron Maiden style.

Man...busy few weeks.

Fits are coming at me fast and furious. I'm busy, but happy Flex Fit is working out so far. Couldn't do it without Melissa. She's awesome and and always listens to the crazy ideas I have brewing. I have some new stuff for you mountain bike folk that is pretty killer if I say so myself.

Others seem to like it as well...

Did a quick ride to try out my new fit from John Karrasch.  I already had my CX bike fit by him and thought he might be able to help me out on the MTB.  Since he has a professional background in physical therapy (he is a physical therapist 40 hours a week), and is also a total bike geek, he seems to understand the intersection of the body and bike better than most bike shop folks.
We made some fairly substantial changes to my fit, especially shortening and widening the cockpit on my bike.   
Honestly, I'm a bit shocked by the difference it made.  Can't believe I've been riding around way too stretched out for years.

Thanks John.  Look forward to getting my road bike fit by you.
I usually caution people of an awkward period post fit while getting adjusted but sometimes it feels pretty solid out of the box. I'll take it.
Road, cross, mtb and all the other disciplines all have their needs and I'm happy to apply my knowledge to the best of my ability to get you moving and riding more efficiently. 
If you wanna get in you can get all my info on the sidebar to your right or go to the FLEX FiT site.
On the racing front, I'm sure some of you remember the Burn 24 was awesome. Now it is sadly no more.
Chainbuster Racing has you covered with the upcoming 24 Hours Of Iron Maiden! Great people and great trails. Can't or won't ride for 24? No prob, plenty of duo and team options. Hit the link HERE and go get in while online reg is still open. See you there!