Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bike for sale.

Hate to do this but here it is. Craigslist ad.

Alright, time to pay taxes. Someone buy this bike. It is an 18" frame (geometry charts can be found at I was a mechanic for Cahaba Cycles for 4 years and this bike has been maintained very well although it does have some cable rub and whatnot. No dents or other big problems on it. It was treated with Frame Saver when built. It has been a great bike but I need the money. Parts spec is listed below but I have boxes of parts around the house and can build it to your needs. Will fit riders from 5 7 to 6 feet or so, very flexible geometry with tons of standover clearance.

On One Inbred 29er 18" frame. Steel, 68mm BB shell, 1 1/8 head tube, 27.2 post...all the standard stuff. Horizontal drops with a der. hanger (fits 1x9, 3x9, singlespeed whatever you wish)
On One Carbon Superlight 29er fork
Cane Creek S3 headset
Hope Pro2/ Bontrager Duster tubeless ready wheelset
Tires: You choose-Panaracer Rampage, Maxxis Crossmark, Maxxis Aspen
Avid BB7 brakes and FR5 levers-new cable and housing
Shimano LX Hollowtech crank/BB with Surly 32T ring and bash guard. These are brand new. Can also do Middleburn RS7 crank w/ SKF BB for some extra dough.
Either 1x9 SRAM X.7 or Surly singlespeed cog. N Gear jump stop included w/ 1x9.
Ritchey WCS stem and Bontrager Race Lite bar- Also have On One Mary or Fleegle bar if you wish.
Ergon GX1 or GA1 or GE1 grips
Bontrager Race seatpost with Fizik Gobi XM saddle

Call John at 205 427 9869 or email if interested. Local buyer preferred. Cash or money order.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bling blang

If I can scrape together the money in the next few months, I will have some new mountain bike wheels.

Just got an email from Industry Nine accepting me into their grassroots program! This is pretty cool, I applied last year and didn't hear a thing and figured the same would happen this year.

Probably going with the XC 29er version which are their straight pull hubs laced to Stan's Arch rims. I'm sure I am light enough to go with the 355 or Crest rim but I have dented enough rims from running low pressure to err on the more durable side.

Oh yeah, I still ride bikes in addition to geeking out over parts I don't own. After being knocked out with the common cold for close to 2 weeks I did my first hard ride in the same amount of time this Sunday. Went with the gang from around here that will be headed to Southern Cross to get in some gravel miles. My legs are getting back some snap and my sinuses no longer feel like they are ready to explode. Amazing what some rest will do when it is really needed.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Goal update.

I have been sick the past eight or so days now and ridden a total of one hour this week.

Goals for the weekend:

Headed to ATL for a couple days, hopefully there will be some of the released this week Bell's Brewery Hopslam (ridiculous, so amazing) to be found over that way.

Back to the bike next week, it's shoppin' time.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolution Dissolution!

That title makes little sense, but so do many other things I have done in the past year but I'm going forth with it anyway because it so succinctly sums up how I feel about New Year resolutions. They just seem like a lame excuse to put off a bunch of shit until you are drunk enough to blindly commit to all of it at once. Once the champagne hangover is gone, the list of things that you Resolved to do becomes less appealing. While I have no resolutions per se there are some goals I have for 2011 but I will get to that in a minute.

Before acknowledging 2011 and 2010 I think the long gone 2009 deserves to be payed some respect. 2009 was the first year I was tempted into doing endurance races. I liked riding my bike all day pretty well and obsessing over bike stuff never gets old - longer races seemed like the ticket to fulfilling both desires. Mostly I was over the drive for three hours to race for two at 180 BPM deal. One screw up in a short race and you are done. THEN it is time for the sulky three hour drive back home. I threw my hat in the ring with a 6 Hour Solo at Heritage Park, GA. I slid through the mud for six hours, got a decent upper mid pack finish in the Singlespeed cat, and bought some wonderful beer. I was hooked. This was also the first road trip/bike race Melissa came to me with. I realized after a grand total of zero fights on the trip she might stick around (fortunately she did). This was followed up by the muddy disaster that was DSG 2009. What a clusterfuck....100 pound mud caked bikes and a destroyed trail system led to first of two DNFs this year (still had a 4th place finish which was odd).
Lap 1 at DSG 2009-still clean

Next was my 12 Hour solo debut at another Dirty Spokes race in Tribble Mill, GA. DNF at the 9 hour mark due to elbow pain. Knowing what I know now I would have gulped Advil like they were M and Ms and gone on my merry way for three more hours. Woulda coulda whatever, I bitched out and decided to start riding more. This worked. I entered another 12 Hour in beautiful Helen, GA and actually had a solid race with a 3rd place podium spot and few regrets. Never satisfied, I immediately plotted a 24 Solo for 2010. Part of the fun, I was realizing, was wondering if I could survive or not.

2010 sucked way less than 2009. I rode all winter in hopes of finding my groove for the 2010 season. The year went pretty well and I am happy with it. I started the wagon wheels racing blog in 2010...having a blog seems crucial to getting sponsors. It has also eliminated any temptation to write on bathroom stalls or overpasses.

What had happened was...
  • 2nd place at first race of the year-thought it was a fluke
  • Won a 12 Hour a couple months later -rode the last 3 hours in a panic
  • First 24 solo-Ouch. Hard. Will do again
  • Hot as hell summer riding- Think I had some weird form of solar depression
  • Fool's Gold 100-Really fun for a race ruined by 8 inches of rain in 12 hours
  • Cross season- Riding for 30 minutes isn't bad but add the running and watch out!
  • Powertap for the road bike- sorta lame but road rides rarely get boring now.
  • Moved for the 7th time in 6 years-hopefully in this place for a few years.
Ft Yargo 12 Hour-1st place, 16k ft climbing

What was different this year? I tried. I made an actual effort to improve and it worked. Who woulda thought.


There are things I want to do this year and things I can do. The want list includes Trans Iowa, Colorado Trail Race, and the Transylvania Mountain Bike Epic Stage Race. All of these involve a ridiculous time commitment and money outlay which I really cannot justify.

The can do list includes everything in the 2011 Happenings column over on the right side of the page. Something that is not on that list is doing the Cheaha Challenge on a fixed gear. This is a terrible idea. The climbs are too steep and the descents too dangerous. I have told other people I would never too it. 100 miles and a good portion of steep climbing on my 1984 Trek. I have done it before but never to this extent. This one would be on the mayyyybe list if there was such a thing.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year and thanks to anyone who has been kind enough to give me product or discounts on gear this year.