Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get that lower back of the floor and get up!!

I am going to ride 100 miles fixie style in oh, let's see, eleven days.

Eleven. Not much time to prepare. Alas, Mother (or Father) Nature does not want me to prepare. It has been rainy and nasty all week so not much riding has happened.

I start my new job Monday after having to work this coming weekend at the old job. Bah. I won't ride this weekend. Uh oh.

Left with little time and desperation in the air, I have forged a two pronged attack to get ready for the Cheaha Challenge next weekend:

1. This. Ab Ripper X from the extra motivated P90X dude. Like old aerobics videos but awesome. Besides, riding is aerobic so it seems relevant to me...

*NOTE: This is not the original video, just some of the exercises. Want the real thing? Pirate Bay is your friend.

2. Eat Easter colored Peanut M&Ms. I had a deal with myself where I would do some push ups instead of eating these little treats but my arms are tired today so I have been skipping ahead to just eating these until my hands are pastel colored.

This will not make my arms tired so it seems like better riding prep. Conservation of force and such.

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