Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I don't know why I wanted one so badly but I did. So I bought one. Cheap.

I found a great deal on a wired Powertap for my road bike about a year ago, quickly installed it, and then noticed the 22,000 miles on the odometer from the previous owner. Meh. Cycleops has a killer warranty department, I would come to find out. They replaced everything I needed them to without question and even agreed to sponsor me this year (I will buy some rollers at some point). The Powertap performed well. The blinky numbers told me when I felt strong and when I was weak. It helped me keep a steady effort on long road rides. It has been very informative but after the initial learning curve it began to seem like more of an expensive luxury I felt compelled to look at constantly.

So I sold it.

Then I fretted over whether to get a Garmin (not all that interested).

I know I did a hard ride because my legs are whipped and really don't need a computer to tell me so. I saw something posted once that said , "A power meter should just constantly flash a screen that says YOU SUCK." As snarky as that is, it's true. A power meter is an awesome training tool for the right person. I don't think I am that person. I have done my commuting this week sans gadgets and it has been awesome. On the hard days I ride, I take the fixed gear and pretend it is a mountain bike. Easy days involve me pedaling like an old fella in the park and enjoying the view. Staring at the numbers gets old.

If bike riding isn't fun, what the hell is the point? Might as well go be a runner then. Or a triathlete.

Now to some fun gadgets: I am going to order some new wheels soon. My Bontrager Race X Lites are fine but I really want Industry Nines to replace them. What I am getting:

29er Cross Country version with the straight pull spokes and SS freehub
Stan's Arch rims
Black everything, Johnny Cash style

They look awesome. Dicky seems to like his well enough, but he seems to be doing more seeking out men to go ride with him of late than actual riding.

PMBAR is coming up super quick and I am off Friday so I can do a big mountain bike ride. One of those is enough to be ready, right? Right?!

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