Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soma Double Cross

Got a new cross frame sitting here in the living room....but not to build into a cross bike. I got a 56 Soma Double Cross frame to replace my Surly Pacer. Why? Longer TT, no toe overlap, good to go with the Wald 872 cruiser bars I am using on this bike, AND better tire clearance. Who knows, it might see use as a cross bike with a second wheelset. Pics next week.

Also, got some of the 2011 stuff from Backcountry Research in yesterday. Pics of that also.

Pondering selling my inbred, dunno.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Next year!

Reminder to self: Southern Cross is Feb 26, 2011. Going to try and do this one barring an ice storm in North GA which is a good possibility. Going to ride the inbred with a bigger than a good idea ss gear and some 1.75 tubeless tires.

In other news, had one of the best rides of the entire year this weekend. Me and Tyree went up to Raccoon Mtn in Chattanooga, TN the day after the 8 hour race up there. This trail is awesome...if you have not been yet, GO, it is very much worth it. Weather was great, trail was packed down, and we went and rode Chunky. Chunky is the supposed Freeride section of this trail. One or two big drops are about but it is mostly big rock formations to ride up and down. I still have a rigid fork on my Scandal and it was great up in TN but sucks here at Oak Mountain. I think OM has just gotten so worn down over the years it is all washboard surface on the downhills.