Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2013 Oak Ass 50/100

Last year around this time Pete, Lee, and myself were headed back from Iowa.

I don't remember where we were but the topic of discussion was the possibility of a hundred mile mountain bike race at Oak Mountain State Park, here in Birmingham, AL.

The possibility was exciting and I knew people would be into it, I had even heard rumors of guys who used to go out to Oak Mountain to try and knock out 6 laps of the old 17 mile loop.

The event was called the Oak Ass and I don't know much more than that. I do know there were very few finishers...

Back to the present, some time has passed since our drive back from Iowa, plenty of planning has been done, and I am happy to announce Oak Ass is BACK!

Thanks to Kenny Griffin of Chainbuster Racing there will be an Oak Ass 50 and 100 mile mountain bike race November 23, 2013.

Link to the Chainbuster Oak Ass page with all the good details HERE.

Strava file of the race course is HERE

If you have questions join the Facebook group HERE and someone can probably help

Looks like a good time with camping, some good chili, and lots of great prizes including a giveaway of a brand new Niner frame.

The race course is super fun. Jacob and I rode it Saturday and had a great time. Each lap has two big climbs, some shorter rollers, and tons of stereo typically twisty and awesome Southeast singletrack.

Thanks to everyone involved with this, especially BUMP. BUMP does a ton of great work to maintain the extensive trail system at Oak Mountain. There have been some trail additions the past few years and more to come.

Better start training if you are going to attempt this one, the course is a beast. Hope to see some of you out of towners come on over for this one.