Friday, September 24, 2010

September update

Very little interesting bike news this month...most of my time has been spent packing to move this weekend and riding my road bike to the tune of 200 plus miles a week. Almost all of this miles have come in commuting form due to finding a new less trafficky route home. This would generally be mind numbing for it but the Powertap on the Surly has made it so much better, almost like playing a video game with bad graphics the whole way home. Cycleops has awesome customer service by the way. Thank you guys for the new CPU.

I have not ridden a bike with gears this much in a long time and I am still not used to it. Something just feels wrong. On the upside I can ride everyday in the hills around here and not be fried by Thursday every week so that is cool. Very little mountain riding, I do not have time for it right now and I miss it.

I have been reading everything I can about an old running coach by the name of Arthur Lydiard. All of his training makes sense and is somewhat in line with the latest research on endurance training. I hate running but cannot stop reading about it....shrugs. All of this stuff discredits the recent trend of "do intervals to train for anything no matter what time of year" bullshit written everywhere. There is no easy way to get good at riding a bike for a long time except, ding ding ding, to ride a bike all the damn time. His findings are also something to think about for those that think P90x and Insanity are magic. Actually they might be magic but certainly not sustainable.

Three races I want to do are coming up that I will not be doing. Swank 65, Raccoon Mtn 8 Hr and Chainbuster 12 Hr. up in NC. I really need to cut the spending for the rest of the year on this stuff til I get a big sponsorship contract which should actually be any day now.