Thursday, March 17, 2011

You can have the remote back. I'll trade for a camera.

Dear RockShox,

Nothing was wrong with the lockout being mounted on the top of the fork leg. Really, it worked fine. It turned on and off without some silly cable, was light, and never broke. Alas, you decided I needed one with this new Reba.

Too bad you didn't want me to have it bad enough to send the actual remote (one of four you offer...) but only the spring loaded topcap which I am going to have to mutilate to make work to my whims. Assholes. Oh, and all the recessed shit on the bottom of the fork leg? Come on. Nobody owns a 10mm deep well socket.

P.S. The white is pimp, as are the post mounts.

Thanks for everything.

IMPORTANT: I need a camera to take on rides. It needs to be:
-Cheap (less than $75)
-Durable, it will get dropped at some point
-Decent pictures...not sure what that entails, but yeah.

Any suggestions welcome in the comments section. Thx.


  1. My remote worked for about a half a season. Ditched it, the ditched the fork for a Fox. But white would be pimp for sure.

    Camera- I own like 5. You won't believe this but my fave to take on rides is the Koda Easyshare CX7430. They don't make it anymore, I bought and extra on eBay for like $45. It's sort of chunky, but fits in the jersey pocket, has pretty good shutter speed and rarely blurs my pics. Only like 4.0 MP, but that's not as important as you would think. For blogging, and quick pics off the bike my fave. I have better cameras, but who wants to take those on a muddy mountain bike ride. Check eBay.

  2. Rock and roll, thanks Jason. May your trails be dry and chamois soiled!