Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sleep riding

Ok, Melissa just related this to me and I think it is awesome.

So, Melissa comes to bed and I am already asleep...

Me : asleep and making unintelligible clicking noises
Melissa: "I think you are grinding your teeth."
Me: "No I'm not."
Melissa: "What are you doing?"
Me: "...pedaling"
Melissa: "No you're not. You are in bed."
Me: "Hm."
Melissa: "Are you on a bike?"

I remained silent after that one and she gave up.

Weird thing is my TMJ has been sore as hell the past two days. Did I click it too much in my fake pedaling, teeth clicking dreamworld? Hopefully. That would be far more interesting than chewing gum too often.

I have pondered buying a Garmin GPS the past couple days and decided I probably won't because if it does not work flawlessly (it won't, nothing electronic does) I will regret buying it. I will probably get a microwave instead since the Garmin cannot make me oatmeal. I can live without inaccurate elevation data to post online (poke at all the Strava nerds) but oatmeal...that is a must.

Short and sweet, there is your Wednesday update.

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