Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some changes for 2012

As I mentioned in a previous post there is some sponsor switching around happening this year. I wish I had a dramatic story about being fired or heavily recruited but it really isn't like that!

The Good People sidebar over there to your right (stage left) has dropped and added some names.

Maxxis is a bit of a gray zone. I still have them on the list because I test tires for them but let my sponsorship go for this year. I had the chance to renew and let it go in a fit of guilt since my favorite tires happen to NOT be Maxxis currently. The Panaracer Rampage has been a great front tire and my go to rear is currently an oddball 1.9 Bontrager 29-3. Weird combo but it works and is durable. Who knows, maybe I will someday settle on 2 tires from the same maker I like.

Nuun is gone. I will still use the stuff sometimes, plenty of other stuff on the market I like well also. Thanks for the help when it was there!

Twin Six is now down at the bottom. Pretty excited about this one, I have some of their stuff already and have applied for sponsorship the past two years. Second time's the charm ya know? Oh, the third...oops. Some T6 darkness is on its way. I have no idea when it will be here. The deal here on kits will likely be T6 stuff for non local races and Bici Coop for the local stuff and CX season. I think that is a good compromise. If not, I'm sure our dark overlord/team manager Alan Babar will let his unhappiness be known.

Bici Coop will still be the main deal for this year. It is a good place and a good group of guys (and gals) to ride with. I have a feeling many of my teammates will be focused on road racing now that cross season is almost over. That's fine, it will be good to have the team at a variety of races and there will be a few of us covering the dirt scene around the Southeast and also a couple WELL outside of the Southeast.

The rest is the same as it ever was but I have to give a special thanks to Richard Clark from Backcountry Research. He always comes through and has been kind enough to get Lee Neal, Thad, and myself into the Dirty Kanza 200 since he is also a title sponsor of the event. THANK YOU. Again.

We have a good group headed out to ride Bamacross Brent's Skyway Epic course tomorrow in the boonies. Stay tuned for a report.


  1. You might know, I'm now running the Ardent 2.4 which I found to roll fast and offer great grip. I do have to run it at 2PSI lower than the Rampage to get the same cush. Think of all that less air I'll have to carry around...

  2. I used an Ardent 2.25 last winter and hated it, not enough transition knob grippers. Might have to try the big one at some point.

  3. Might have to try the big one at some point...

    That's what she said.