Monday, January 16, 2012

Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross build - Part 1

New bike time. Uh, again.

I had decided a Salsa Vaya would be awesome and really the only thing I was interested in. With all my eggs in the Vaya basket I found out Salsa was sold out of the frameset in my size for an unknown amount of time.

Time to find a new basket. Bike. Whatever.

My buddy Nick stepped up with an offer on his Black Mountain Cycles Monstercross frameset modified by

Here is Nick's verison of the bike.

Off road fixie...what a weirdo.

Weirdness aside, after one ride around his neighborhood I was sold. The brakes stop, it turns nicely, feels stiff enough. Best of all, it matches my two other green bikes. Solidarity and all.

I will update this as I get more parts but here are some pics of it's current state, which could be described as incomplete and unrideable. Thanks to the guys at Industry Nine for the hubs. I need to do a write up on the straight pull spoke MTB wheels I have had for six months soon now that I think about it. Amazing wheels. So much so that I have nothing bad to say, which is rare for me.

Yeah, bike progress:
I9 Classic front
Homemade tools
3x with DB14s to ZTR Arches
Disc fork by Waltworks
SS or gears
Salsa Woodchipper

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