Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bamacross prep.

There was a cyclocross training race yesterday.

It was $25...mmm hm. No thank you. Went to go mountain bike instead.

Later this week I will further my sabotage of my cross racing potential by signing up for the Chainbuster 9 Hour race at Oak Mountain that is slap dab in the middle of cross season.

Sweet, they put up a map of the course on the site - which is unmarked...but no problem. I compared a couple maps and it looks like the route will be:

Chainbuster Nov 12 race map

South Trailhead Parking Lot
Up Quarry Road Bypass - construction is going on with this today, should be finished soon
Down Bump Trail
Johnson's Mountain
Rattlesnake Ridge back to South Trailhead Parking Lot

Good course choices, I hope the map they put up is correct. This is going to have lots of climbing and lots of rocks. That is a good thing.

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