Thursday, September 8, 2011

All City Nature Boy build.

Done, son.

I rode it around some last night. Much like the other good handling bikes I have had - it rides like a bike. A very green and sparkly bike.

For the curious, here's the build list:

All City Nature Boy frame and fork
Cane Creek headset
Stans Arch rims laced to Surly hubs with Dt Comps and brass nips
Tubeless Michelin Mud2s
Shimano Dura Ace crank
KMC 610HX chain
XTR pedals
Paul Neo Retro cantis with Kool Stop Salmon pads
SRAM S500 levers
Salsa Cowbell 2 bars
Silver Thomson post and black Bonty of these needs to change for fashion's sake
WTB Vigo saddle

**Not pictured is a Tangle bag from Revelate Designs. I got the medium and it fits the 52cm frame like it was made custom. Good for DK200, Trans Iowa, or carrying lunch to work.

A more detailed post will be warranted once I have ridden it more but I will say the brakes are the best cantis I have ridden. Nose wheelies on pavement no prob, ya know, cos thats an important element of cross racing.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John,

    Very nice bike and nice build.
    But how do go about using cantis on ZTR Arch rims?