Sunday, May 1, 2011

Very bad things

I feel like I have used this as a title for something before, most likely a paper I wrote while I was in college. A movie that great can be referenced more than once, as far as I am concerned.

Life has been...different the past few days. As everyone who has even glanced at the internet knows there has been a veritable shit ton of tornado damage in Alabama and the rest of the southeast after Wednesday. Melissa and I have been out in Pleasant Grove, AL the past couple days helping with some clean up. Clean up would be an understatement there...lots of people are in a very bad spot right now and I feel quite fortunate we are okay and more than happy I had an opportunity to help. Details on the damage are easy to find so I am not going to put up pictures or anything like that.

THE IMPORTANT PART: Go here for ways to help!

PMBAR is in just a few days now and I am becoming more excited by the minute. Excitement is not synonymous with prepared unfortunately. My partner, Lee Neal, has been diligently studying the map for at least three days at this point. I have not looked at it any so I have appointed him official navigator for the race. Pacing coordinator or some other duty will go to me I guess. I have decent mechanic skills. I can cook. I can scout out small game if we run out of food and daylight. Does Pisgah harbor any nutria?

Do I have my racing legs ready?


I made sure they were covered in poison ivy last week so all of our competition knows I am a serious woodsman. I really hate riding the trainer and had to make a choice between trainer time and a muddy, four mile trail that is a poison ivy nightmare anytime between April and September. Yep, my legs itch...

There are numerous home remedies for this but the Remedy of the Day today was to scrub the rash with Gojo hand degreaser and then apply a liberal amount of hydrocortisone cream. It is working well so far, I'm no longer glancing curiously at the 120 grit sandpaper in the office.

On the plus side my ivy covered legs have plenty of miles in them so far this year and I am only mildly unhappy with my fitness level right now.

What about that blogger contest?

Well, it is not going well. I actually decided to quit looking at the votes since I didn't like the way they were looking. This is going great. I figure...if I can't see it, I won't be bothered by it until all the votes are tallied. At that point I will either weep or rejoice, but ONLY at that point.

Industry Nine update: Wheels are ordered and should be here by the end of May. That seems like a long time.

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