Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rest stop on a Saturday morning.

Just a quick snapshot from a Dirty Kanza shakedown ride on the Scandal (it's on the right, the other one is Boris' bastardized road bike Paragon) in Vandiver, AL.

Some brief notes on the ride since I have some biscuits & gravy calling my name:

-Explore new roads in the middle of nowhere and you WILL get chased by dogs. 3 times...
-32/15 seems like a good gear, if a bit spinny on the road.
-106 miles and around 8,000 ft. climbing.
-All the water bottles are working great, the bike only feels weird carrying it.
-Pretty sure I drooled on my bike coming back up Shades Crest Rd. It was steeeeep.
-We saw some (thousands) weird cicadas that only come out every 13 years. Incredibly loud.

Fun ride, I'm ready to go to Kansas.

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