Friday, May 27, 2011

An outlier in the glove world?

Well, Ergon has finally given in to my requests for a lightweight glove with pre curved fingers and seams I can't feel.

This is assuming they have had gnomes in the woods spying on me to hear my bitching about my five year old Fox gloves with the worn out thumbs and saggy palms. Saggy palms. It just sounds bad.

This is all good news, right?

Sorta. They are close to 50 bucks. Bah, unless Mr. Kerkove wants to send me a pair to sample/fondle (Medium please), I am going to wait until I see a few reviews of these.

*I feel that I should mention that I probably have 20 pairs of gloves in the house, all of which have some sort of small flaw that irritates me.

1 comment:

  1. Also an owner of fifty pairs of gloves and a fan of the way my Fox glove seams tear into my delicate pinky. Quite embarrassing sipping tea with a swollen delicate digit.