Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Up in bear country

Yeah, said I would not pre ride the Fools Gold course. I lied...and it was awesome.

Went up and stayed in the Hiker Hostel in Dahlonega Saturday night and met up with the guys from Wheelworks to ride the race loop. Ended up only being five of us and the two that knew their way around bailed at the halfway point. The map Jon drew us might have worked well if we knew the trails. We did NOT know the trails and got really lost but still had a great time. Thoughts as they come to me:

Miller High Life tastes much better in the middle of a long ride.
The big gravel climb and Bull Mountain were not all that bad.
More technical than I expected (throwing the Rampage back on the front for the race)
Climb up Black Branch was just hellish, steep, rutted. Whatever, I'll walk it BOTH laps.
Air felt much better than the sauna that is Alabama right now.
2 laps seems doable and actually quite fun.
No more risers, I need the flats for a good climbing position.

Goals for the race:

Dont quit
Dont suck
Eat over $100 of food to justify the entry fee

Much more excited about this race now that I have seen the course.

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