Friday, August 27, 2010

Today's cross clinic

Well, got the cross bike together with some sweet tubeless tires which I flatted on the first ride. Rode Blood Rock on it then pinched the tire or ran over a railroad spike fifty feet later...not sure which. Probably pinched.

Then it stormed. So much so that I could not find a leak. Then I stood in the rain for about 20 minutes.

I really don't want to dick around with these anymore or shell out $120 for real tubeless cross tires. I think I will just use the wheels from my Scandal which is out of commission at the moment. Rampage 2.35 will be a good cross tire, won't it? I have lots of tires sitting around but none that are easy to set up tubeless and I am too spoiled not to go back to tubes on a bike that rides over bumpy things.

Bye now.

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