Monday, August 23, 2010


Gotta post this, first time I have been on a podium and not stared around sorta confused and ready to be far away from it.
Cycling News report

I am normally trashed after a race but don't feel like I did anything after Fool's Gold. It is strange. I am "resting" for no other reason that I am done with big races this year. Wish my bike fared as well.

Brake pads are GONE. Backing plates are all that is left of the front but there is still some pad on the rear from my conservation efforts during the race. Bottom bracket felt like shit yesterday but is fine today, guess the humidity freed it up? Either way, back in the frame it goes. I feel like a moron for buying an ISIS bottom bracket and crank....the only good replacement is the rare and expensive SKF units. Should have just got the square taper and bought a new $6.72 Shimano UN54 every year. Oops.

I own 4 bikes and three are out of commission at the moment, all that is left is the '84 Trek fixed gear. This is ok, all I really "need" is a bike to ride to work. Mountain bike rides can wait OR I can find a Niner demo from Cahaba to ride. That would be cool. No more typing...back to my End Of Season Recovery Fest.

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