Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer is here

For as balls everywhere. I have not updated this in a month and for good reason. I have been lazy since Burn. I sat, I drank beer, I sat some more. After about two weeks of that deal I decided I would have to ride myself back into shape which is finally starting to come around. I rode about 4 hours out at Oak Mountain last Sunday and felt strong again, it was a strange feeling.

List of goings on:

-Registered for Fools Gold 100 Singlespeed and talked my buddy Heath into going.
-Bought a used Powertap. Geek mode ON.
-Missed another Bici Coop alleycat race.
-Found out they are doing a Tour de Birmingham all of July which I will do most of.
-Got the Scandal finished...24 pounds with 900 gram tires, pedals and all that stuff you need to ride.
-Headed for the beach for a few days with NO bike stuff involved. Nice change of pace.

I'm out, I will do a better post when I do better stuff that makes for a better post.

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