Friday, July 9, 2010

Road bike stuff

This is the latest iteration of my Surly Pacer, a bike I have had for almost two years and has felt odd for much of that time. I bought it after realizing I would at some point drop the Madone 5.2 I had been riding on concrete or something. I never really hurt bikes in is usually from leaning them up in a bad place. All of my current bikes could survive being dropped from a roof rack and I am fine with that...even if it means they weigh a little more.

Current spec:
Pacer frame and fork (heavy, rides well, has not broken. Awesome.)
Powertap hub on Open Pro rim with ancient front wheel
Protoype commuter tires
Dura Ace 9 speed drivetrain w/ XTR bb
105 brakes
Niner wide ass flat bar w/ Ergon grips (these blow on a mtb but are ok here)
Cane Creek headset (as good as King if not as pretty...)
Thomson post and WTB seat (Rocket V, needs to be a Vigo at some point)

I have decided that from a biomechanical standpoint it makes sense if all my bikes fit the same. This means wide bars, a someone short cockpit, and bars about even with the saddle. It is working well so far. I got a deal on a Powertap and have ridden it a couple times.

Road biking is always a bit boring but with good enough gadgets I can get by. I need a downloader thingy so I can have the computer tell me how tired I get around here instead of depending on the burning sensations in my legs and lungs, which are oh so subjective. I am doing the Bici Coop alleycat race tomorrow. Looks fun, 10 miles on some roads around town that I rarely ride. Can't beat a race that costs 5 dollars! Well, I guess free would be good but I don't mind paying the cash to good folks.

Oh yeah, and Hop City beer in Atlanta is badass. Went there a couple months ago and they have a good selection of homebrew stuff as well as plenty of good beer from everywhere around. The guy working there kept reccomending stuff we have around here in Bham. The Hebrew Messiah Bold is one that comes to mind, need to get this when I run out of the good stuff from out of state.

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