Monday, July 12, 2010

"It can't be that bad..."

That is what I said to myself Friday night, a bit confused when Heath said he did not want to do the alleycat Saturday so he would be fresh for a 6 hour mountain ride on Sunday. I decided to soldier on and did probably the hardest 10 miles on a bike I have ever done during the Bici Coop alleycat.

4th place, finished with a flat tire, had a good time. Only problem was the next day fatigue.

Um, yeah.

Now I know why he didn't want to race. My legs were completely useless Sunday. The first 20 miles were ok but I felt like I was going backwards after that and bailed on doing the last loop. This either means I suck, I suck at doing short efforts....or more likely, both of these. Lesson learned. If these were midweek I would be ok, but christ...that just ruined me. Meh.

Schleck killed it in the first biiiig Alps stage yesterday, nice to see him get a win.


  1. Good to see you at BiciCoop. The start was nuts and luckily I didn't get lost till the end. Nothing like rolling 4 wide through highland passing slow cars on the left. I was hurting Sunday morning too, but it was more from the push-ups and beers after.

  2. Haha...the push ups and beers are typical training, its was the riding fast up hills that got me.