Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flexibility for Cyclists

I have been a bit lazy and have not posted much on here lately. I'd rather save the posts for when I have something to say rather than filling this area with um, filler.

I have a pretty awesome new road bike. First time in four years! It is my shop demo through Edgewood Cycles. I am wrenching a few hours on weekends at Edgewood and it is going well so far. I'll say more about the bike when I get some pictures.

Due to my physical therapy career I think I have a stronger interest than most bike riders in off bike function and exercise. I have tried a few different types of off bike structural maintenance over the years and have discovered that most of it works. People in every camp will tell you their way is the one! Truth is you need to have a few hours a week of off the bike stretching and strengthening.

This is not to convince any one they need to stretch. People figure that on their own at some point. Ones that really need to but don't want to can easily find a 12 week study that says stretching will slightly reduce their explosive power if done before a workout and run with that ...anyway.

Lots of good books exist on stretching but the best one I have come across is the Flexibility For Cyclists manual by Fred and Kele McDaniel. I know it sounds lame but I have read numerous stretching books and most are too theory heavy. This one has a series of stretches that takes an hour to complete if you do them all and a quick six to to if you are pressed for time.

For best results do this stuff 3 times a week. If that is too much start with ten minutes each time and build up as you can. Simple.

Get the version with the print book that includes the stretching strap. It is great. Made our of seatbelt material and really helps with some of the floor stretches.

Oak Ass is three months away, I'll do a post on it soon and will also be coming out with a new project type thing soon! 

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