Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whats up, Strava?

In the new age of social media it is quite obvious that if you want to ride you also have to post pics before, during, and after, analyze all your data and post it to anyplace that will accept it. I think.

I haven't gone that far but I finally got a GPS, a Garmin Edge 500.

It communicates with satellites and stuff
I like it so far, better than the Powertap I had. No, I can't see watts but that is fine and dandy with me.

I will do a detailed review at some point but right now I am cleaning house.

If any of you that read this are also on Strava my page is here. The contents of my page will mostly consist of my plodding commutes to work but something interesting will likely come up once in awhile.

Effin' cold road ride today. Four hours with temps that never got above freezing and 20mph winds for the majority of the ride. Sheesh, I'm going mountain biking tomorrow.

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