Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I finished half of a sponsorship app to a great tire company yesterday and stopped suddenly with the realization that there is no way I could make it an entire season on only one brand of tires.

I have not yet thrown the application away.

On one hand I have never had a company tell me if I could a deal on their stuff I could not use the product of a competitor but it almost seems like an understood standing condition. Maybe I am crazy. Or have a guilt complex.

In other news in the incomplete applications department, I almost signed up for a 24 solo this weekend and decided not to. The bike race will have to wait, other things have priority at the moment (suit shopping, dog bathing, and not being gone the whole damn weekend to name a few). Good luck to Lee and Zach, my Bici brethren.

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  1. Back when I (thought) I was taking racing seriously, I suffered from the same issues, and slowly whittled my way down to a couple core sponsors who's stuff I know I dig and will use. Now I just pay retail, look for bargains and am happy to get a bro deal now and then! LOL!

    Good luck.