Sunday, May 16, 2010

Stuff I should already know.

Lets see if this work....just figured out I could drag and drop photos on here...yes, just like anything else on a computer that has ever happened.

Okay, seems I need an ACTUAL picture location to copy but it will not let me take one from Facebook. Whatever...

This has to be from the first lap at Fort Yargo a couple weeks ago seeing as I am not covered in a mixture of sweat, gritty sand, and leftover food yet.
Dirt, Sweat, and Gears was yesterday and I decided to skip it this year in favor of a lazy weekend at home. I am 60% sure I made the right decision on this one but they sure do have some good prizes (1st place singlespeed got a new Misfit Dissent frame). Next year maybe? I was able to build up the Scandal frame yesterday since I was home with spare parts galore so now I have a back up bike for Burn. This means I do not have to borrow a bike I didn't build! I also recently acquired a Trek 5200 frameset which is just BARELY too big for me. I have no idea what I am going to do with this thing. Not the worst problem to have, I suppose.

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