Saturday, May 8, 2010

Good for nothing

My legs are useless right now and it sucks. It is 75 and sunny and I cannot ride due to some of the worst soreness in my legs I have every encountered. Here is the worst part-this did not occur from doing a long ride or anything else that would justify this in my mind.

The culprit was about 30 deadlifts with 20 pound dumbbells....yes....TWENTY. I was thinking posterior chain strength was lacking and causing some lower back fatigue on longer rides. Ohhhh, how right I was. The good part of this is I know exactly what gym work I need to in the next couple weeks. I am also glad this did not occur the week before a race. My hamstrings are on fire right now and the 20 mile ride home from work last night was a total bitch, granny gear and all. Looks like this weekend will be cleaning house and maybe prepping my new frame.


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