Saturday, April 24, 2010

The thing that should not be

100 miles on a fixed gear- there are more reasons I should not do this than I care to list but none of them trump the fact that it will be way too wet to ride six hours of trail tomorrow as planned. I'm going to get going around eight or so in the AM then meet up with whoever wants to at noon from Homewood Cycles to round out my misery. I have been wanting/dreading doing this since I got my old Trek for $75 last year so here we go...

Also, Dirty Spokes 12 Hour at Ft. Yargo is paid for next weekend and I am going along with the girl and the beagle for support. I found a GPS of the course and it is 12 miles with 1600 feet of climbing per lap. The elevation profile looks more like this ^^^^^^ than one big mountain. This will be good if it is rideable and bad if I have to walk like five times a lap or something stupid like that. Report on this one up sometime next week.

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