Sunday, April 18, 2010

Doubled up

I have not posted on here in.....don't know, a couple weeks. In this time KFC has introduced the Double Down. I have been waiting on this with great anticipation partly because it reminds me of the concoctions made by the Rutgers Grease Trucks. The Grease Trucks serve creative disgusting food that only should tempt the drunkest of taste buds. I got the fried version of the double down and was a bit dissapointed. It was over 5 dollars and well, a big nasty mess of fried chicken and bacon. Not sure why I thought a sandwich without bread would be anything other than impossible to hold. I ended up putting it on a salad figuring the two would for a semi healthy conglomeration. Wont be getting another Double Down, which mean a trip to Rutgers University needs to happen in the next decade or so.
Two good rides this weekend.

Five hours yesterday on the Inbred, the majority of which was the LONG way to a five mile trail. I always stash my pack in the woods since I hate having stuff on my back. Got discovered by a runner this time who mentioned to me that he had found it. Fortunately he did not take it and after my long winded recount of why I put the damn thing under a pile of leaves there is no way he will ever mention it again.
Today was six more hours on the Inbred at Oak Mountain. I rode the trail four times which gives seventy miles give or take...not sure, no computer on the mountain bike. The fourth loop seemed easier than the third which gives me hope that there is some point where you can just go longer without the effort increasing. Seems to go against many laws of the universe, but I miiiiight be able to convince myself it works. Seventy degrees most of the day, pretty much perfect weather. I am very glad it is not 105 degrees yet outside during my longest riding weeks of the year. I think I have had 17 hours the past two weeks and 18 coming up next week. I am sleeping more than usual but am starting to settle into the high volume routine.
The Inbred is one of the only bikes I have kept for longer than six months but my eye is wandering once again with the new El Mariachi coming out this week: well shit, that is it the top of the page, uh look UP. FIXEDDDDD
Mission for this week: Find dog friendly hotel so we can go to the Dirty Spokes 12 Hour at Ft. Yargo Georgia.


  1. I also was very underwhelmed by the double down. I had built it up in my mind as greatest thing since the baconator. I almost gave it back to Wendy's when I saw it sitting on the tray. So disappointed.

    It's slow at work today so I was looking at mtbr posts and randomly found this blog. I also live in Homewood (close to English Village), I also drink lots high gravity beer, and I'm also doing Fool's Gold. I'll look for you at Oak Mountain.


  2. Mmmmmmm... where did you find the Salsa image?

    Very noice.

  3. Brandon-what do you ride?

    dicky- Don't remember, probably google or guitar ted...same way you find out anything of the 29 inch persuastion

  4. I ride a Titus Ti FS. Do you still have that light for sale?

  5. Yeah, I would let it go for 150....REALLY need to get rid of it.

  6. Brandon, send me your number again on facebook. Something went crazy and it got deleted.