Thursday, November 13, 2014

2014 Oak Ass 100 Course Description and Strava GPS

Still getting lots of interest in the upcoming Chain Buster Racing Oak Ass 50 and 100. Course is almost identical to last year and will be marked Saturday Nov 22!

For those curious check out the strava link below and forward to any outta towners you know coming in to pre ride. Thanks!
Turn by turn here:Start at South Trailhead and turn L on Terrace Drive.
*Mile 1- R on 7 Bridges (Red Trail)
*Mile 2.5 - R on Group Camp Road
*Mile 3.5 - L on Garret's Gulch
*Cont. on Red Trail through Rock Garden, The Chimneys, and Cat Dog Snake
*Mile 7 - R at North Trailhead, go up Red Road Climb
*Mile 9.5 - Peak of climb, First Lap KOM!
*Mile 11.5 - R on Bump Connector
*Mile 12 - R on Jekyll and Hyde at intersection with BUMP trail
*Mile 16 - L on Peavine Falls Road and begin climb
*Mile 19 - Slight L on Firepit trail after passing lookout area with picnic tables. Do not go through gate onto fireroad. Do not continue on paved road.
*Mile 20 - L on BUMP trail.
*Mile 21 - Cross road and continue on Johnson's Mountain
*Mile 23 - Cross Road and continue on Foreplay and Mr Toads Wild Ride
*Mile 24 - L on Rattlesnake Ridge
*Mile 24.5 - L on Family Trail
*Mile 25 - Straight through 4 way to stay on Family Trail. L on Paved Road to return to South Trailhead.
This is one 25 mile lap with 2300 ft of climbing.

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