Friday, March 2, 2012

All City Nature Boy build revamp.

The Nature Boy now completes my trifecta of bikes with what has become my favorite bar around - the Niner Flat Top 9. 710mm and 9 degrees sweep seems to be most agreeable to my upper limbs. The carbon one is the shit but I only have one on the mountain bike...

The Nature Boy will be my bike for Trans Iowa and the DK200 this year. All that will be changed is the wheel, tire and cog setup from pavement mode as shown here to gravel mode. The rest of the stuff is pretty obvious from the pictures but if ya gotta ask go ahead and ask.

XTR Vs. Awesome stoppers.
Velocity Dyad rims to Surly hubs with double butted spokes and brass nipples.
Tires are whatever 28 or 32c thing that happens to be around the house.
15T fixed Surly cog for a 39/15.

Stans ZTR Arch rims to Surly hubs with double butted spokes and brass nipples.
Schwalbe Marathon Extreme 35C or Michelin Mud2 30c.
17T White Industries freewheel

The bike fits and rides smooooth. Hopefully I will be getting some nice long rides on this coming up the next few months.

Aaaand from way out in left field.

Steve Tilford is the fucking man. If you haven't read what he writes go ahead and do so. Seems like he would be a cool guy to have a beer with...lots of good old dude racing stories (think Bob Roll) and plenty of common sense thinking. I actually thought I saw him at Southern Cross last weekend and was about to go up and start a conversation and whatever part remains of my internal Don't Be a Dumbshit alert system went off and I realized it was in all reality not Steve Tilford. Then I rode off, went into full on dumbshit mode, took off my warm clothes and went to go race 50 miles with 40 degree temps.

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  1. +1 on Tilly. Worth the read. Been racing at high levels since I started riding MTB's two decades ago.