Saturday, June 11, 2011


In a quest to toughen up my bitch ass weak feet (this is a real condition, a close cousin of the tender foot) for bike racing and the inevitable mud hike that accompanies at least a few races during the year I have been trying to go barefoot a bit more around the house. PMBAR freakin' killed my feet, Turkey Pen Gap > me. I have done well so far, my feet are dirty and I stepped on a toothpick earlier.

More importantly, my feet felt good even after hiking for 7 miles in gravel filled shoes while we were in Kansas.

I have never really like running but I think I am going to give it another shot this summer. I feel like a huge lemming being intrigued by Born To Run, but damn there is a huge pile of research out there advocating going without the clodhoppers. From what I have seen in the physical therapy clinic I work in, there is little connection between all the "super shoes" out there and  a decrease in foot pathology among runners.

I guess I will just go run in socks at the UAB track here in Birmingham. I bought some Vivo Barefoot Oak's to wear to work but am hesitant to run in my non smell bad work shoes. Damn, they are awesomely comfortable. Some of the best shoes I have had. No, I did not pay full price.

The "training plan" is to go and run some on days I don't ride to work. I have done this a few times so far and felt good. I ran with the dogs some when I took them out at night and ran once to the store to get beer...hey, I wanted beer and it seemed like the most efficient way to get it fast. Oh, and yes, you can run holding a six pack without frothing it up. The key is a gentle stride.

This should be a good experiment and I will try it and keep it semi documented on here.

Oh yeah, the I9s are here and setup on the bike...first ride tomorrow.

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