Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fun? Yeah, I'd have to say so.

Today was one of those rides that made me question whether or not being on a mountain bike is "fun."

60 miles in 5 hours. 32/17. Rigid. Bonus climb to Peavine Falls to add to the hurt factor. Man...I am freaking wiped out after that one BUT it was still fun! As much as it can hurt being on a bike sometimes, when it is 70 degrees and sunny it is still as much fun as the proverbial but elusive monkey barrel. After all - it never always gets worse. Words to live by.

This was the last big ride before Southern Cross (Feb 26, next Saturday). My legs felt like concrete yesterday during an easy recovery ride but came around for today rather nicely. Must have been the magic combo of rosemary pork tenderloin and an imperial red ale that comprised dinner last night.

I pondered a little bit on my ride today about my aspirations and goals for Southern Cross and and realized I am totally ambivalent about goal making for this race. If I do well, that's cool...If I don't do well, it will still be a fun trip with plenty of beer and good folks around. I think I end up having the same goal for every race I do, which is to completely turn myself inside out by the time I finish. No idea where this urge to so thoroughly fatigue myself comes from. I guess I just like the way it feels to be spent after a hard race. It is easy to sit up and take it easy when it gets hard but the regret that comes with that feels worse than the effort that could/should have happened.

Time for the important news-

Went to Taco Bell after my ride today. It sucked. I ordered two products with chicken at Taco Bell. After my server rang me up she inquired if I was vegetarian. Awesome. Should have gotten Camp Taco in Five Points which is second best mexican food in town. For real.

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