Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bling blang

If I can scrape together the money in the next few months, I will have some new mountain bike wheels.

Just got an email from Industry Nine accepting me into their grassroots program! This is pretty cool, I applied last year and didn't hear a thing and figured the same would happen this year.

Probably going with the XC 29er version which are their straight pull hubs laced to Stan's Arch rims. I'm sure I am light enough to go with the 355 or Crest rim but I have dented enough rims from running low pressure to err on the more durable side.

Oh yeah, I still ride bikes in addition to geeking out over parts I don't own. After being knocked out with the common cold for close to 2 weeks I did my first hard ride in the same amount of time this Sunday. Went with the gang from around here that will be headed to Southern Cross to get in some gravel miles. My legs are getting back some snap and my sinuses no longer feel like they are ready to explode. Amazing what some rest will do when it is really needed.

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