Monday, November 1, 2010

No really, it IS about the bike

I was about to say I had a love/hate thing with road bikes but immediately realized it is mostly indifference. I don't particularly enjoy road riding, I just do it to go to work or be in shape for the few times a month I manage to go mountain biking. A necessary evil if you will. Seeing that I "must" have one of these evils I have tried to do what I can to make it better.

List of bitches (complaints, not women):

A) I don't like the way road bikes fit. All the positions on the bar feel awkward and staring at a front hub is not conducive to avoiding traffic and potholes on a commute. Add a loaded pack in...yeah, no good.

B) Super easy to flat the tires and no room for bigger tires.

C) Road riding is boring, I need entertainment.

The fix:

First thing you will notice is Luke, the terrified cattle dog under the bike. It came very close to falling on him right before I took the picture and making him stay next to it did little to build his confidence in the situation.

This is a rushed picture of my new "road bike" after I built it. I mostly just moved parts over from my Surly and it turned out pretty damned good minus the camera glare but that is not a quality I was really looking for. Have not actually ridden it yet but the fit is dead on close to my mountain bikes and the old Trek fixed gear (I hate writing "fixie"...). NO TOE OVERLAP on this bike. Yes, I am excited about that. The old Trek does not have any either and it made unhappy with any bike that possesses this evil trait.

Novelty has not worn off the Powertap yet. Amazing how a simple screen can turn any boring stretch of road into an opportunity for self loathing or accomplishment. Mostly loathing, though. 140 pounds doesn't produce many watts. All the other parts are solid and dependable. I have had a carbon wonderbike (Trek Madone) and as badass as it was I too scared of breaking it to enjoy it so steel it is.


Soma Double Cross 56cm (57.6 TT, score)
Surly Crosscheck fork
Dura Ace 9 speed w/ flat bar shifters
XTR V brakes
Powertap/ Open Pro wheelset
Panaracer Pasela TourGuard 28c tires
Thomson post and WTB Vigo
Cheapie stem with Wald 872 cruiser bars flipped upside down
Shimano pedals

Built to last, son. Pity it's first ride will be on a trainer. How sad. Learned my lesson last week about long commutes in the rain...mean sinus infection all weekend.

More news and pictures this week after I find the camera cable.

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