Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Laying plans

Yeah, the Hops have been Freed which is great and all but we seem to only have one beer distributor for all of Birmingham which is really limiting the selection here. Grass is always greener...I know, but I want a whole warehouse of beer to choose from. Good beer.

One of the redeeming qualities of having to drive to Georgia for bike races is the multitude of gourmet beer stores over there.

Green's Beverages- 2 locations (that I have been to at least), pretty good selection, sales staff known nothing about beer, cool Belgian beer cellar thing.
Five Points Beer- Located in Athens, best selection of anywhere I have been to aside from the awesome one in Asheville, NC which I forgot the name of, knowledgeable staff. I was too overwhelmed here to appreciate it much.
Turtle Creek Beverages- Winder, GA. Awesome store, one of the best I have been to mostly because of the two brothers that run the place. They know their customers and always have good suggestions based on what you already enjoy. And they gave me a free bottle opener- that is customer service.

Best thing I got over there was the Bell's Brewery Hopslam. This is pretty expensive, around 16 bucks for a sixer but brewed with honey and completely worth it. Get it if you can find it.

In bike news, I rode 16 hours last week and my legs are starting to finally shake the jello feeling. Easy week this week, I want to go do a night ride soon since I got some new lights (Ayups) recently and still have not ridden a trail in the dark with them-sad.

I am already registered for the Burn 24 Hr. Solo on May 29 but other than that I have no definite plans for the rest of the season. The Dirty Spokes series is great but I want to do something other than some lap races this year...seems more adventuresome or something to actually go somewhere in a race. The NUE 100 milers are damn expensive-around $150 for a day of riding. Either I am cheap or that is expensive, who knows. Cohutta 100 is a maybe right now. Fools Gold 100 I am going to go ahead and commit to...there, I said it so I am doing it. All 15,000 feet of climbing of it. What I really want to do are some of the stage races that seem to be popping up everywhere, particularly the pisgah one....hmmm

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